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    Gp1200r power valves not working

    Hey everyone. I have a 01 gp1200r. It starts, idles and runs wide open great. But midrange isn't where it was. It happened after I had been running the ski for hours, let it sit on the beach for MAYBE an hour, took it out to ride home and then this problem started. At first I thought it could be carbs, but after testing and thinking. I found my power valve motor is not cycling anymore. I did the test per the service manual and it doesn't move. So I am in the process of getting a new one. I have read on here people talk about a power valve solenoid. After looking at the wiring diagram I can't find anything about this. Is there a part I'm missing? Or is this just different lingo for the servo motor?? Have other people had the power valve motor fail?? Am I on the right track?

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    The Servo is your motor located under the steering column forward of the engine. You dont hear alot about them going out its usually just making the adjustments per the manual and they work fine or worst case one has dropped into the cylinder. You do hear alot about that.

    If the valves are not opening then you should have seen a decrease in RPM's, but you said it runs WO great so that seems kinda odd.

    When you bumped the starter the PV motor did not cycle? Unhook the cables and try the test again, it could be that you have one stuck, dropped or gummed up so much that its preventing the motor from turning.

    Pull the covers off the PV's and have a look. Try to turn the shaft by hand they should move very freely.

    While you are in there get you some Wave Eater Clips as they are money well spent.

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    Forgot to mention that I can turn the power valve shift by hand.

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    I would still go ahead and pull the PV covers and inspect. I have a good servo if you are interested. Pay shipping and I will send it to you. Came off my 01 GPR that I put gas valves on.

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    Thanks I sent you a pm theheisk

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