Hi all at greenhulk ,
im a beginner with an old ski looking for some help. As the title says i have a Kawasaki 650TS with an Intermittent/Weak Spark i got the ski last year and had it on the water a few times then my starter jammed up so i bought a replacement and fitted it. the ski went fine a few more times after this then died in the water and since ive had no spark or very little. i have tried replacing the spark plugs then coil leads and pack with no success today i went to the ski after reading up on peoples experiences here and i sourced the stator wires (2 brown 1 purple 1 black/yellow) i gave them a wiggle all round and push fit the connections in the box , i then attempted to start the ski with no success so i pulled out one of the spark plugs and could see i was getting what looked like a weak spark. so back to the stator connections i went , i then switched the brown wires with each other to see if this helped and got no spark so switched back and still have no spark. i then put a volt meter from purple wire to black/yellow and got -70.0Ω (200k) then put it across the brown wires and got 0.00Ω (20k) , i did it this way to check the stator (wrong?) as i say im a beginner , i am a level 2 automotive mechanic and a damn good one lol but havent had many run ins with ski engines any help , advice or comments are greatly appriciated

Thanks in advance