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    1996 Blaster B1 Yamaha 1200 Swap Ski

    Just finishing this ski up in the shop. It's a Yamaha 1200 swap in a 96 Blaster using ADAs swap plates.

    $5,000 OBO Cash Talks, posts don't.

    96 Hull Painted Blue
    1200 motor
    UMI Steer and bars
    Ada kit
    Hot products Air filter
    Single bilge with switch
    Custom Wire job RaD Dudes
    Custom GP water Box with Dual exit
    Impros Hooker Prop
    Top loader intake
    Jet Dynamics ride plate

    Video Yes it's loud dry a d the Cyl had oil in them that's why it's smoking.

    Few pics Still needs stickers and turf and grips will be done tomorrow.

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    Beautiful ski! Well done on the mods...and best of all, great price! You've got three times that much just in engine parts and fabbed pieces, not counting the hours of modding for everything to fit and finish. Great ski...good luck.

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    How did you run the waterbox/dual exit exhaust?

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