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    Ok, who's working on a propeller? Someone in the aftermarket buisness has to know something. Solas? Where you @???

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    Like your signature photo. Welcome and to answer your question???? Welllll seems no one has come out and advertised anything, when Ive called they just say "were working on that".

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    I think this might really help the 250x to get up some on top end, I know that there is someone working on one. We will just have to be patient. I have the wedge on order from Richard. I'll be glad to get it installed.

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    Thanx Skip, picking up ultra 250 end of next month. 0 degree here in CT. today. Anyway, thanx for all the info on the mods everyone is doing I will be useing some of these mods myself. So guess I gotta wait for that impeller. LETS GO PERFORMANCE AFTERMARKET!!!!!!

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