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    Riva Intake Grate, Loss of top end.

    Just recently installed a Riva Intake grate/pump seal kit on my 2013 Yamaha VXS.
    i feel i have had a dramatic loss in top speed about 3-4 mph. I understand with the new grate it is hooking better in the chop which i confirmed on my last ride. Just wondering if this is a common thing to happen on 2013 VXS's.
    (yes i followed the instructions to silicone the gaps in the grate along with the gaps in the hull.)

    Mods: Riva high flow exhaust, Riva ribbon delete, Riva Intake grate/pump seal kit.

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    Mike, you "feel" you have a dramatic loss in speed or have you verified this with GPS?

    I have seen some report 1 mph speed loss but 3-4 sounds extreme.

    I had 1 mph loss on mine as well but I cut 3/4" off the back of the wing and gained the speed back.
    I've run 90+ on GPS with this grate and love it on my VXR

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    i do not have GPS accessible at the moment but i am getting one in the next few weeks.
    the 3-4mph drop is shown on my gauge. on flat water i'm only turning low 60's now 64-66 mph. I weigh 180lbs. and i'm stretched out.
    it seems very extreme i agree. i will have to update this form when i get a accurate reading from GPS
    wanted a quick answer if anyone has seen this before. i love my VXS looking for more mods everyday just not sure what my next step will be.

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    Riva grate is aka water "Velcro". I love mine for that reason. Much less pump reloading in lite rough. R&D had better top end but my BOV would get a work out in similar conditions. Just my .02 from FZ POV.

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    need the grates in the chop!! love my R&D grate

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