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Thread: D plate sensor

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    D plate sensor

    I have a 2005 gp1300r that I installed a d plate.My question is if the exhaust is now running cooler why does the exhaust alarm come on intermittently.Is it because the flow of exhaust is now flowing faster and overheating the sensor ?or is there some other reason.

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    If you have the chip in ... remove it you may not need it. If it comes back like before then reinstall chip.

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    The word I got years ago was that it alarms because the exhaust is no longer running at the temp. that the pipe was set up for.

    The catalytic converter makes the pipe get very hot to help burn unburned fuel (like in a car). With the cat con removed, the pipe actually runs cooler then designed..... and with that cooler pipe comes a slight loss of rpms. This is why some people dump half of the water from the head overboard. It helps to heat the pipe back up and get it running back to design.

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