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    Post One more 1100 ZXI resurrected

    So I rebuilt the ski... I put new cylinder block std bore and a nice WSM top end kit with gaskets.. Here's my issues..
    1. I have one out of the 8 cylinder base nuts that the stud is whooped bad and won't get tight.. So I torqued all the rest to spec. (The bad nut is the mag cyl intake side) will it be okay with 7 torqued down?

    2. three of the 8 exhaust riser bolts are striped out on the big main exhaust pipe, can I use a 10m 1.25 heli coil kit to fix it?

    Thanks guys

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    no, but if you are a hack you can "get by with it". I wouldn't


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    Thanks man. U have no idea what this ski was like when I got it. Every cyl was a different bore, and they had no rings. Like not as in worn rings, the were non existent. When I bought it guy says, "it ran fine last weekend" it had 0psi compression across the board. The one last thing I don't know where it goes is the temp sensor I think and it's just kind of zip tied onto those hoses that arch from bottom to top in engine compartment. Any idea where it goes? I have none.. :/

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    It's just the ambient air temp sensor for the ignition timing. It was stuck to the top of the hull.

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