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    How to remove 03 Freedom Fuel Pick Up

    My fuel pick up is leaking out of the elbow that the fuel outlet line attaches to. I noticed this while pressurizing the system. I have a new assembly on the way, I am just wondering on the best way to get it out. I am not sure if the tank will fit through the hood or not. If not, I'm thinking that the tank may slide forward enough to give room for the Pick Up to come up and out. Any advice?

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    Arrow How to remove fuel pump or fuel sender from Virage, Freedom

    The Freedom hull is very similar to the Virage hull.

    I just changed the fuel pump in a 2004 Virage i recently.

    Disconnect the battery.

    Move the hull ventilation flex tubes up out of the way. Make note of where they were positioned.

    Remove all three rubber tank straps by unhooking them from the hull hooks. Make note of how the straps were oriented and installed. Take a few photos. Remove the single bolt and the forward tank locating bracket.

    Oil tank must be shifted up and rearwards (don't spill oil from the disconnected oil filler hose). No need to disconnect oil feed hose to engine. Secure the long skinny oil tank to prevent it from tipping over and spilling oil when the fuel tank is wrestled forward.

    Disconnect fuel tank hoses and sender wires to allow fuel tank to slide forward. It helps if the tank is empty of fuel.

    Should now be able to wiggle, tilt and shove the tank forward inside the hull just enough to allow the fuel sender unit to lift out of the tank, with some wiggling.

    Be careful not to snag the fuel level float arm, which is somewhat fragile.

    Inspect inside the fuel tank. Should be zero debris, gunk or dirt. Clean the interior of the tank if needed.

    While the fuel tank is forward, you can clean the hull area under the tank and make sure the rubber pads are well positioned to support the tank.

    Move fuel tank back into position and reinstall the forward tank restraint bracket and bolt. Make sure the metal tabs on the bracket bottom are correctly located on the hull boss. Do not cross thread the bolt. Tank must be fully seated against the rear bracket.

    Reinstall the oil tank. Make sure it is fully nestled into position against the fuel tank.

    Reinstall the rubber fuel tank straps. This is not easy the first few times. I can now do it just using my fingers, but a notched tool can help. Take an old but fairly long slot screwdriver and file a V notch into the middle of the end of the flat blade. Use the tool to force and guide the tank strap end loop under the hook down in the hull.

    Make sure the rubber tank straps do not trap or crush any hoses or wires.

    Reconnect all connectors and hoses. Make sure you get the fuel tank hoses on the correct fittings.

    Move the hull ventilation flex hoses back down into position. Typically each one crosses the top of the tank and the end is tucked down into one of the hollows in the hull foam near a tank strap hook. It is important that these flex hose ends be positioned low inside the hull.
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    Okay thanks. Just to make sure, if it is leaking pressure out one of the elbows full replacement is probably the only option correct?

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    Just got my "new" fuel pick-up in the mail. Rubber boot is split around the top. Can this piece be found anywhere separately?

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