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    Anyone interested trading their 2010+ FXHO for a SHO? (S. Florida)

    I've been shopping for an FXHO and keep running into SHOs instead. I have a buddy who will give me a pretty good deal on his excellent condition SHO - is there any demand out there from folks with HO skis who would want to trade up?

    I don't have the need for speed and since I'll keep the waverunner on the water, less complexity/maintenance is a win for me. Ideal case for me would be somebody with a 2010+ FXHO with some warranty left.

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    I'd do it in a heartbeat, but mines an 2006 though. Looks new still with 115 hours. I could throw some cash in if your interested at all.

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    Ok I am frankly amazed that a dozen people didn't pop up offering to trade their HO for an SHO.

    My buddy sold his ski this weekend, so that's the end of that discussion.

    My next question is: Why do I see so many more SHOs instead of HOs for sale? I have been looking for an 05-11 HO and I have run across at least a half dozen SHOs that are newer or lower hours for about the same price. Did yamaha sell that many more SHOs or is it just that the market is soft because people are scared of the superchargers?

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    the HO 1.8 hasn't been out as long as the sho if i'm correct ???

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