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    2001 - 900 STX Bendix failed - you get what you pay for

    About 3 years ago my 900 STX sank in fresh water at the dock. It was under for about an hour before I got it out and that was long enough for the starter and the front compartment of the engine to flood. I dried out the ski and ran it for the rest of the season. Last year the starter died and I replaced it. No problems there (yet). This season the Bendix failed and when I opened the front the engine the compartment had obviously been flooded causing the Bendix failure.

    I bought a $35 replacement from an Ebay dealer that failed after 3 weeks, maybe 25 starts. Is this a case of "you get what you pay for"? Does anyone have experience with the ones Watercraft Superstore sells? The Kawasaki dealer wants $250 for OEM part.

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    Not the Bendix, the Loctite.

    I took her apart last night. The Bendix appears to be fine. My Loctite job on the flywheel retaining bolt failed and the bolt backed off. The Ski ran until the Woodriff key sheared, then it lost timing. The flywheel floating lose sounded like the Bendix wasn't engaging. My best guess is that my old bottle of blue Loctite has expired and no longer locks tight.

    Note for future reference: Get a fresh tube of Loctite and clean the bolt with the wire wheel before installing.

    Any mechanical engineer worth a dime would tell you that the thread of the retaining bolt should have been left handed so that the shaft rotation would tighen it. Relying on Loctite is not the safest design.

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    Use red on flywheel bolts

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    Quote Originally Posted by turboman412 View Post
    Use red on flywheel bolts
    Can do. Do you know the torque spec?

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    My ultra is 85 foot pounds so I would imagine its in that area

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    I just did a 750 and I believe it was 94 ft-lbs.

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    Update - I reassembled the front end. I cleaned the flywheel retainer bolt with a wire wheel until the old locktite was gone. I used red locktite and 85 ft-lbs of torque and I gave the locktite a full 24 hours to cure before I ran the ski. I reused the low cost Bendix because I knew it wasn't the source of the failure.

    I put 7 hours on it last weekend with no problems . The previous repair failed after about 2 hours of operation.

    Thanks for all your help.

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