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    2002 Freedom 700 -- LR505 module melted


    I have a 2002 Freedom 700 that I bought used and the LR505 module is melted (the housing actually got hot enough to form a teardrop in case). Ever see that before? The only thing I have diagnosed is that I have an electrical load (short) when I connect the battery and have traced it back to the 8 wires going to the stator area. If I leave them unplugged, there is no electrical draw on the battery but when I plug it together, I get a substantial draw on the battery. Is there a direct relation between the stator and the LR505 module? I didn't see one on the schematic other than a "tach signal".

    Thanks for any help/advice you can provide.

    I don't want to just slap a new LR505 module on there and toast it without determining what made it fail the first time.

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    The charging coil in the stator is directly connected to battery power via the Red/Purple stator wire. The other end of the stator charging coil connects to the LR module via the Yellow stator wire.

    It would appear your LR module developed an internal short to ground and managed to accumulate enough heat to melt itself.

    Before installing a new LR module do the ohm checks outlined here.

    Pay special attention to the charging coil measurement to engine ground. And to the precise ohm ready of the charging coil (Yellow to Red/Purple).

    All stator ohm measurements are done with the stator wires disconnected, and I would also disconnect the battery negative post during testing, for safety.

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    Okay. I'll get measurements and report back in a couple of days.

    Did I mention that I actually bought a pair of Freedom 700s. One runs great and the other was bought with the known melted LR505 module. So I have the running machine to compare measurements to.

    Thanks for reply.

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    Got the stator tested. It looks to be screwed up pretty well (charging and hall sensors).

    (Gnd test)Blk to engine gnd = 0.02ohm (correct)
    (capacitor chg coil)Blk to Purple = 5.5ohm (correct)
    (battery chg coil)Yel to Red/Pur = 0.75ohm (correct)
    Yel to engine gnd = 0.50ohm (should be open)
    Red/Pur to engine gnd = 0.90ohm (should be open)
    (hall)Red to engine gnd = 2.2Mohm (should be open)
    (hall)Gry to engine gnd = 33.0ohm (should be open)
    (hall)Grn to engine gnd = 2.3ohm (should be open)
    (hall)Brn to Gry = 3.0Mohm (should be open)
    (hall)Red to Gry = 2.0Mohm (should be open)
    (hall)Grn to Gry = 35.2ohm (should be open)

    I made the same measurements on my "running" machine and it tested perfect. So I guess I need a stator rebuilt.
    Thanks for any advice you might have.

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    I pulled the stator and found something interesting ...
    All three of the stator mounting screws were broken off. Luckily they came right out with just fingers.
    Seven of the eight wires were chaffing against the stator wire clamp piece. Once I separated the wires so they weren't shorting to each other or to the stator chassis, everything ohmed out properly EXCEPT for the battery charge coil.
    Yel to Red/Pur = 0.75ohm (correct)
    Yel to ground = 7.0Mohm (should be open)
    Red/Pur to ground - 7.0Mohm (should be open)
    All of the hall sensor wires now measured open (correct)
    I have contacted rmstator about having the charge coil rebuilt. Once I get it back, I'll update the post.

    After finding the short wires, I would guess the stator shorted then the module was taken out.

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    Were the tests done with the stator disconnected from all electronics?

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    7/22 measurements were with stator mounted to engine block still and the 8way connector unplugged (that's where I measured from).
    7/25 measurements were with stator removed from engine, on my desk, and with the shorted wires separated to prevent the shorting.

    So, yes, in both cases the stator was electrically isolated from the machine.

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