Went out for a few hour cruise with some friends yesterday. Every time I came to a stop I could smell exhaust coming from the under the seat, but no smoke visible, which has never happened before. Just before getting back to the marina I was just messing around cutting left and right and when I came to a stop got a thick cloud of what appeared to be white smoke from the exhaust area... smelled like regular exhaust though (by thick I mean a cloud that moved over me when the wind hit it). No fault codes, no power loss at all through the day, coolant level looks good, oil level is good, clean and doesn't appear to have any issues. I'm just going to have a look at the plugs when I get home later. Only thing different was that it was extremely hot and humid for this area yesterday, more than any other time I've been out (100 F). Not sure if this is normal for a ski with 160hrs, but I haven't seen this ski do this in the 30hrs I have owned it. It's a stock 06 RXP with a Riva intake.

Anything additional to check? Maybe just being paranoid?