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    Best Seadoo Hull to buy

    I am thinking about getting a different hull and am wondering what is the best Seadoo hull out there for close course racing as well as endurance racing?

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    T3 RXPX

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    ^^^^ as he saids i have one for sale check clasifieds..

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    Depends on what you are looking for. I can't comment on the t3 but hear amazing things about it. I have the 2011 GTI hull and love it for its forgiveness and playful yet tight handling in the straights and turns, depending on the VTS trim.

    Trim all up and it's like you can drift around corners, all the way down you better hang on tight cause you're just about on rails.

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    T3 all the way for CCR.

    Try taking a 2012/13 RXP-X for a ride. You'll be amazed at what you can do on that hull after 5-10 minutes of getting use to how it reacts.

    S3 hull you can get more top speed out of, but you'll never get the turning ability of the T3

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    I've spent the most time on my S3-hull'd '12 RXT-X but have test-ridden most every other Seadoo, they all really behave quite differently.

    The GTI hull is a fun and playful hull, it's far less grippy than the S3 or T3 but it's very fun to ride. You get much more of a gliding sensation than the S3 or especially T3 hull, in which you feel much more dug into the water. You can play around on the GTI hull much more than the S3 or T3, if you tried to mess around in a similar manner in the S3 or T3 you'll easily get launched from the ski.

    Really just comes down to what you want. All of them are going to be fun to ride, but in different manners. I've love to own a GTI as a secondary ski for the GF or friends, and if budget allowed I'd buy one right now. Honestly a GTI 155 feels fairly quick if you've never ridden the higher powered supercharged ski's, but if you want more power combined with the playful GTI hull a GTR is an incredible compromise as well.

    I'd suggest trying to attend a test riding event where you can ride various models, because no single hull is the best for everyone... but if you're sure you just want the fasted closed course ski the answer should clearly be the T3 hull'd RXP-X.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Done Deal DR View Post
    I've love to own a GTI as a secondary ski for the GF or friends, and if budget allowed I'd buy one right now.
    FYI...I don't know if you've ever gone to this shop but Arizona Jetski (Bell/Cave Creek) just finally started renting ski's and they chose the GTI 130's...$150 a day per ski and trailer is included...I bet they would even give you a double and swap over your current ski.

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    Based on your racing statements and without price guidelines, I think it's a no-brainer to say that the T3 hull is the best hull on the market. If you are talking semi serious challenges, the S3 hull is incredible technology. If you're just looking for bang-for-the-buck and to embarrass the "hey, I bet I can beat you" race challengers... the GTR 215 (the only GTI-hull based machine I'd consider for racing) is the machine.

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    Xpl hull

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