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    Getting rid of waveraider oil injection

    From what I've read I should get rid of the oil injection on my wave raider. My question is how much oil should I add per tank to run 40:1. I'm not sure how much fuel it holds never really paid attention or filled it up from empty hoping some of you waveraider veterans can help.

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    You shouldn't just add oil to the gas tank (although some will swear they do it fine, good luck). You should add the oil to the gas can you are filling the tank with, that way you know you have the exact ratio. In other words put the oil in the can, fill the can with the prescribed gallons of gas to mix it up, then pour it all into the PWC tank.

    Also get a mixrite or other form of oil mixing cup - if you mark it for your particular gallon/ratio mix, you never have to think about how many ounces of oil to put in.

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    I've always run 40:1

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    I run 40:1 premix in all my machines.

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    A 40:1 mix requires 16 oz of oil for 5 gallons of gas. For my premix Sea Doos, I've got a nice 1/2 liter (16.9 oz) water bottle that I use.

    That being said, I'm going to go against the grain and say that I prefer my oil injected Yamis. I've redone all the oil lines (two summers ago) and cinched everything back up with high quality Oetiker clamps. The oil pumps are super reliable and its usually an old, hard, dried out shrunken oil hose that pulls or falls off of it's respective fitting starving the cylinder for oil.

    My XPs were already converted to premix when I bought them. If I keep them much longer, I'll return them back to oil injection.

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    I advise against pulling the injection pump. People have oil failure due to lack of maintenance. The oil lines are know low quality and should be repalced every two or three seasons. If the break or pop off, the engine becomes damaged. If you ( or the person you lend the ski too) forget ONE TIME to mix the oil, you lose the engine also. Of course this is my opinion, there are namy who believe that the only way to go is premix.

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