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    Polaris SLH how far on a tank of gas?

    Well since my mfd doesnt work i dont have a gas gauge, how long approx would you think a tank of gas woulfd last?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PolarisPWC View Post
    Well since my mfd doesnt work i dont have a gas gauge, how long approx would you think a tank of gas woulfd last?
    I think you're safe planning ~3 gallons per hr burn rate. Capacity is 12.5 gallons, so after 4 hrs of riding, fill 'er back up. If you're running hard, make it 3.5 hrs.

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    Depends on how fast you are going.

    Which model year?

    You can visually check the fuel level by lifting out the storage bucket every so often.

    Have you determined whether your MFD problem is repairable?

    Tip: Always ride using the top 2/3 of the fuel capacity. That way when it gets down to around 1/3 remaining, you know you should head back to the dock. If the return trip takes more time/distance than you expected, hopefully the 1/3 was enough of a margin of safety that you still get back with some fuel remaining.

    If you always ride very close to your fuel source, then perhaps use the top 3/4 of the tank capacity for riding.

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