I was getting ready to reassemble the top end last night and started to measure my OEM pistons that have been used for just under 100 hrs and as per the manual I measured 22mm up from the skirt bottom and they all measure close to the same at 79.851 to 79.853. according to the manual all three of my pistons are scrap because they are undersize (79.885 to 79.935 if I remember is the OEM new spec) All of my cylinders are stamped 14 or 16 so that is 80.014 and .016 if I look at the manual the spec is for 0.100mm clearance, if I use my pistons the clearance would be closer to 0.160mm way over the reccomended.

My question is after all that is do the pistons wear that much ? they look very clean and to me they should barely touch the cylinder walls as the rings are doing all the work.

Anyone have the actual OD measurements of OEM pistons for the different colors ? I found them in a post for the Pro-X pistons but I want to stick with OEM.

Thanks for any and all help.