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    MSX 150 Problems - NEED HELP!

    Hey Guys-

    Hopefully this message finds all of you doing well and with a PWC that is running better than mine! I have had my MSX 150 4-stroke for 3 years and it has run awesome up until now. I haven't had to do anything major to it as long as I've owned it and now that I'm running into problems I don't know what to do. Hopefully somebody on this forum can help me so I can get my pride and joy running soon so as to not miss out on all this hot weather.

    Here are the primary symptoms that I have noticed:

    1.) Max speed is between 40 & 45 mph, and max rpm is 6250. I have only gotten the rpm's that high once it starts to act funny around 5500 rpm. The engine doesn't sound like it has a piston down, but I'm scared that if I run it too hard I'm going to blow it up. Been there before with 2 stroke snowmobiles and blown them up.....many times.....

    2.) It is easier to get it started on the trailer when it is out of the water. Once I have run it for a while and shut it off it is very hard to get it to start again and sometimes it will not start again. "Check Engine" appears next to the spedometer when trying to start it.

    If you need any more clues to help solve the problem I would be more than happy to try and find the info you need. I called all the local dealers and everyone tells me they can't run a diagnostic check for at least 3 weeks. I'm capable of fixing most things myself, I just need to know what is wrong. PLEASE HELP! I don't want to miss out on the prime part of the summer!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Tell more about the ski, how many hours, what kind of maintenance/checks have you done?

    Fuel filter? Spark plugs? Cylinder leak down test?

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    Welcome to Green Hulk!

    Sorry for your MSX 150 troubles... but you came to the right place.

    I have a bad suspicion about your possible issue. It sounds like Nicasil plating failure in a cylinder. This would cause a loss of power... lower top speed... lower max RPMs... all the while it would still sound and run pretty much like normal. But with plating failure... you lose compression in a cylinder (or both)... and now it becomes difficult to restart the engine while in the water due to the load on the pump (being in the water). I hope I'm wrong... cause it's an expensive repair.

    But you need to check compression on each cylinder (both plugs out, engine warm or cold, squeeze throttle, crank starter until gauge stops rising). Spec is 125#-140#.

    If compression #s look good... I'd move on to checking you have proper oil level in the oil tank. Proper checking technique is with a cold engine.... start and run 30 seconds, turn off, pull dipstick, wipe, insert but do NOT thread it in, pull, read. Oil should be just barely on the tip of the stick or up to the MIN mark. Any higher and you have too much oil in there. Also... any signs of water (foamy oil) in the oil?

    I'd also pull a hose from the turbo-to-intercooler... or intercooler-to-hardpipe-to-intake... and check inside these hoses for oily gunk/foam/heavy residue. This would be signs of oil ingestion. Did you ever roll the ski in the water? That or overfilling the oil tank are the most common causes for oil ingestion.

    Any signs of an oil slick at the top of the coolant jug?

    I'd start there... and let us know what you find.


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