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    How to remove a piston on a gp1200r

    ive looked everywhere on this forum and i couldnt exactly find out how to remove a bad piston on a gp1200r (2002) got the whole engine out and everything, i know a circlip is what they use to take a snap ring off and i assume i need something of that but does anyone know how to remove a piston??

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    head comes off... exhaust manifold off... cylinder off... remove c clips from sides of piston/pin... slide or beat wrist pin out... washers fall into crankcase... piston comes off

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    Hopefully this isn't against forum rules, but this HOW-TO was so perfect for your question

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    Bahahaha, make sure you stuff rags around the connecting rod. You do NOT want anything falling into the bottom end!

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    thank you very much

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