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    Question power filter install question

    guys. got my filter installed and when i ran her on the hose it looked good. but because i am a curious type i reached in amongst all the running gear looking for problems.

    can somebody with a riva power filter run their ski for me and reach in and place their hand around the join on the aluminium billet that connects the pipe to the supercharger. is there a faint hint of breeze escaping from the joint when you pull the throttle. note that i'm talking about the join in the aluminium billet (about where the hex bolt fasterners are), not the join between the billet and the supercharger (as i know 100% that would be bad).

    before i go and rip everything apart to "fix it" i just want to be sure that this is actuall a problem and not something that should be expected as normal. while i did everything up nice and firm i'm just wondering if the "be careful to not over-tighten" meant i didn't tighten something up like i should.

    i've asked the same question in the other thread i started about the actual install but didn't want people to skip it if they've already had a laugh at my expense in that thread!

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    By the way you've explained it, it sounds like you have a boost leak. If your sure that its air being forced out of that joint, you need to fix it.

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    ok. got to the bottom of it.

    i installed the billet ok. installed the white hard plastic sleeve fine. followed the instructions and then connected the pipe (silicon sleeve) onto the white hard plastice sleeve. then tightened but not fully tightened the retaining clamp securing pipe to white hard plastic sleeve and billet. now in all of my mucking around securing the other end of the pipe to the support bracket i was obviously slightly twisting and releasing the pipe as i tried to line everything up. it looks as though i had just tightened the securing clamp enough so that when i slightly rotated the pipe it slightly rotated the hard white plastic sleeve. then i'd stop twisting and it freed the clamp up so that it relaxed and lost its grip. repeate this process 1,000,000 million times over 2 days and the end result (which i found out when i pulled it all apart) was that the hard white plastic sleeve had unscrewed itself about 1/3 of the way out of the metal billet! hence it lost a lot of its ability to hold a seal.

    so i'd recommend anybody installing their power filter to deviate from the instructions at one part as i did on the second time around. secure the billet good. screw the sleeve in firmly. secure the pipe (using silicon sleeve) onto the hard white plastic sleeve but leave the securing clamp completely loose. secure the top of the pipe to the body-work using the supplied bracket, then double check everything is still attached to the hard plastic sleeve nicely and the sleeve is still screwed into the aluminium THEN secure the hose clamp up nice and tight. then double check all the fasteners and bolts holding everything together. job done. beer oclock.

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