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    bilge pump, no fire in rear cylinder issue

    Can a bilge pump not working and no fire in rear cylinder of a 2002 freedom 700 be tied together somehow through a LR module? What is the best way to test the bilge pump?

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    Anybody out there have any info on this?

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    Hi magnum, you should be able to push the bilde switch and here the pump run. Other wise there is a connector just up from the pump you can unhook and remove the pump and bench test it. All you need is a 12V battery and a couple jumper wires. (NEEDS TO be hooked to the pump itself, one wire to positive and one to negitave pump should run.) As far as a no spark on the rear cylinder, the coil fires both cylinders at the same time. I would take a look at your spark plug wires and the ends that hook to the plug. Polaris has specs for ohm these out. If everything ohms ok then i would say your coil is bad.

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    Thanks KRR! I just put a new coil in it a week ago...

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