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    Waveraider Pump Removal - Followed the instructions and still stuck

    I downloaded the service manual and followed the instructions but the pump did not slide out as it says it should. Is there anything I need to do from the engine compartment side? or is the salt water corrosion I am seeing holding it in there? just trying to see if I need to hit it out with a mallet or ? thank you!

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    Has anyone dealt with this, I spoke to a local guy who said I may need to use a 2x4 to shimmy it back and forth?

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    Yes,,2 by four, rubber mallet...penetrating oil...

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    So I was able to get the housing removed and I tried to spin the coupler - the engine is free and the pump is seized. Easy enough, I buy a new (used pump). (I broke the housing getting it out so I need a new one, think it became fragile from the sale water corrosion on it.

    Now I am pushing the start button and I get a whining sound from the black box in front of the battery. Engine won't crank, do you think my starter is seized or am I missing something simple that I need to do to start the machine (a safety or something like that). thanks again!

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    Do you know how to make a new thread plsss

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    that's fine with me...will do

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