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    Engine warmup before wot

    Greetings from Poland!

    Im considering my first pwc in near future. For now studying this forum.
    I would like to ask experienced users about the engine warmup before going full power.
    For closed loop would be nice to have normal operational temp as to get all clearances inside correctly settled but open loop like Yamaha? The coolant never gets warm so maybe Yamaha marine engines are designed in a different way? Not need for high temp? Ready for wot immediately? What do you do?
    What do you think?

    see you!

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    You want to bring the cylinders, pistons, etc. etc. etc... up to operating temperature, open or closed loop cooling has no bearing. Typically by the time you get out of the no wake zone you are warmed up and ready for WOT.

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    +1 on that. Make sure to take it easy for a few minutes before you really get on it. The internal components will warm up regardless of their cooling system.

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    Try to warm it up just ideling for about 5 min. All the internal components heat up and expand at slightly different rates so the longer the better.

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    5 min idle, pop seat check for water leaks.
    Next 5 min cruising @4000rpm or less.
    Pop seat, check for water leaks, feel exhaust mani, block.
    Another 5 min of modulating <6500rpm.
    Pop seat again (I feel cylinder head cover to make sure it's as hot as block),
    then check exhaust mani to make sure it's nice and cool.
    Another 2-3minutes of cruising around <8000rpm.... then... hold on.

    Yes, it's a bit much, but my cylinder walls are beautiful.

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