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    P1106, unlisted P codes. Possible MAP problem.

    Anybody know what a P1106 is, I can't find it listed anywhere. What's the deal with all these new P codes not being listed. I've found my 2011 any newer machines keep throwing codes that are not referenced by any troubleshooting material I can find online.

    I'm getting p1106 and p0106.

    I tried swapping out the map sensor, it made no difference. I also checked the voltage, 5 volts on pin 1, 0 volts on 2 and 3. I don't think p0106 is an actual problem just a result of the unknown p1106.


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    Ok I'm dumb. Just realized the map sensor I swapped was the wrong one. I have now swapped the origin map with a new on that is EXACTLY the same. The p1106 code is gone yet the p0106 remains. Can someone tell me the wires that plug into the computer that relate to the map sensor. That are labeled on a Grid 1-4 and a-z. Im trying to conform the integrity of the wiring by check resistance. This is a 2011+ ski. Thanks

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    Finally took the intake manifold out to inspect every seal an electrical connection. Found that the throttle body screws had backed out creating a massive vacuum leak. From my research the actual map sensors never go out but a p0106 code is rather a result of other problems. Problem solved.

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