Hope that a lot of you will make it to Pahokee FL for jetski (IJSBA sanctioned) racing and Panther superboats. It will be a race filled day. Right now there are 13 racers in 3 classes. The 300 class (7 racers) is dominated by Seadoo with a single Ultra 300, The 250 class is 2 FX SHO and 2 Seadoos and the 200 class includes two racers one of them on a VXR.

They are all "stock" skis with 3 races of 30 minutes +1 lap all classes racing at the same time. Modified skis are welcome to race as well but they haven't done a good job of getting the word out that they can race in the Cup Class. Come on out and see what its all about. There are no fees. The Panther boats will be making up lost races having been cancelled in Daytona last month due to weather.

For pit passes go to the jetty gate where you can sign a waiver and go out on the jetty (best place to watch the racing) as well as get into the wet and dry pits both jetskis and Panther boats.

Come by and say hello...I'll be on the Crimson Red FX SHO #111