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    2005 GP1300R Overheating Questions

    Hello I have a 2005 gp1300r that has a fairly new motor in it from a member here. It is ported with stock efi components, and it has a dplate installed also has a fuel controller and freeflow.

    The questions i have is when riding it seems to get a overheat sensor or some type, my dash is scratched so i cant see exactly but seems like a exhaust overheat. Both pissers are working and my jetworks valve is opening correctly. But even when im idling out from the dock maybe 3-5 mins it starts to give me a SOLID beep and then shut off. I cant start it for a while then i can go again. It doesnt seem to get hot under the seat. Im not sure what can cause this issue.

    Any help would be great.

    Thanks, DT

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    Is the motor hot as hell when it shuts off?

    Get one of those temp guns and see how hot it really is if it is truly overheating check the strainer on the pump for trash

    Otherwise it may be the sensor?

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    +1 on the above. If the motor genuinely is overheating, you'll know it when you take the seat off and try to touch it. Check the plugs as well to make sure you're not running lean.

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