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    So.. whats going on in Texas? Why no races in the DFW ?

    So, much ado, I guess everyone in the know has heard the stories, or what not, but Im a newb, an outsider, and I dont really care, other than, Theres not much accessible in the DFW area..???

    I was really hoping to have my ski rebuilt this year to participate in a local event, but no ski, and then no event, because of some things i guess..

    But Im really dissapointed in the lack of local amateur events.. seems like my uncle was always getting down at the motorcross.. im pretty sure theres enough interest to kind of keep things local, i guess..

    hot topic? or is there really any interest?

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    There was supposed to be 2 Texas outlaw races at lake Winnie but the organizer was called away on business.


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    There were 5 races this year in the Texas by R5, The Promoter Brian from R5 puts on a professional race event,
    see link below,

    They had 4 races in Madisonville this year and the site was great and the track was fast, and round one was at the IJSBA national event in Lake Charles, which counted for points towards your regional points here in Texas,
    keep checking the site for news for next year,

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    I email R5, and they mentioned the put on practic courses in DFW, but no races.. Sure would like to see possibly some amateur stuff, maybe some local stuff, even simple as time trialing, or grudge matching.

    hehe.. i saw some bouys in the overtons mag for cheap.. i wonder if we can just throw some out for good fun, rather than using middle of the lake trot line bouys..

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