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    2001 Polaris Genesis trouble starting

    Hello everyone.
    I have two 2001 Genesis 1200. Last week one would not start because the battery went bad. I replaced the battery and on our next trip it started and ran fine for about 10 minutes then would not start again.
    I thought maybe the EMM went bad because we had to replace it on the other ski. I removed the EMM and hooked it up to the other ski and it worked fine. After re-installing it started fine. Then it would not start again! After hours of testing the connections by using the other ski as a guide I could not find any differences between the 2 of them. Finally I opened the fuel line at the "T" and bled out the fuel. Then it started. I shut it off and it would not start again. I disconnected the electrical connection on the top of the fuel tank and re-connected it and it started but would not start after shutting it off. Uggg! I released the fuel pressure again at the "T" and it started but would not start again. It also seems to smoke when running.
    Anyone know what the problem is. It only has 53 hours on it. The other has 83 hours and runs much better. Getting very frustrated going to the lake and only being able to ride 1 ski.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Possibly check your gas cap. It may not be breathing like it should. It will allow enough fuel in for one start but not any more.

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    Eureka! Thanks quadridermx! I loosened the gas cap and it starts every time now. All that frustration and wasted hours for such a simple fix! Much Appreciated!!

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