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    What kind of PWC is this?

    Hello, and thanks in advance. I am from TN and have ridden PWCs but never owned. I am a mechanic and can fix anything.

    What kind of ski is this? I traded my scooter for it. Came with a trailer, seems to run alright, it's kinda slow but fun. I am 250lbs and it sits low with me on it. Is this normal? Any tips?

    How to drain the hull? Think I will start by cleaning carb, etc. Already had to yank a rock out of the impeller. Here are some pics:

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    The truck is a 1964 F-100 4wd.

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    looks like it is a 1980's yamaha waverunner. These waverunners were not really made for performance so they only do mid 40mph. Sitting low in the water isn't that unnormal unless it filling up the footwells then you have a problem. To drain it there should be a plug in the back out the boat for draining.

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    It looks like the Yamaha WR500 - Prob close to a 90's model, I'd assume.
    I THINK maybe an 89 model with the last 2 digits on the VIN being the yr. I've got a service manual for a 92, I believe, IF you need it.
    Drain plugs on the back.

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    Cool, thanks. The guy I traded with said it was a 1990. Stupid question- by footwells, do you mean the area where your foot goes? Cause the back of these is open to the water. If this is a problem, how do I alleviate it.

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    Not a problem. That's how they are designed, to allow water to flow out the back freely so youre not constantly sitting in two big puddles of water.

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    Also, if you had to take a rock out of the impeller, make sure it didn't gouge anything up in there! There should be very very little clearance between the impeller and pump walls. If there is any gouging, it loses efficiency quickly and will kill your acceleration and speed.

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    Thanks. Is there a spec I can measure with a feeler gauge or do we use the German method- gutentite

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    .010" to .014" clearance is generally in the ball park. Measure it with a feeler gauge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cutlass View Post
    .010" to .014" clearance is generally in the ball park. Measure it with a feeler gauge.
    appreciate it. Going to change the pump oil as well; doubt it's been done in a while. Still can't find the drains...

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    this ski may not have drains. Some of the older ones didn't...believe it or not.

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