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    04 msx display is not wakeing up while trying to start ski

    I recently bought a 2004 140 msx ho and seemed to be having fuel pressure issues. I started trying to check fuel pressure and the display quit waking up and the fuel pump quit coming on when start was pushed. After this I verified that fuel was still working by grounding brown wire to motor. Any ideas on why display won't wake up and could it be related to pump not coming on. Thanks

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    did you check the fuses located just in front of the battery hanging on the harness

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    Fuses are good and battery has 10.5 volts during cranking but still nothing. any other suggestions on what might be going on ?
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    i'm having the same issue and I don't see any more threads on it? Can anyone out there guide me in a certain direction?

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    Does the display come on when you push the blue button? Does the motor crank when you push start?

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