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    How to clean/test coolant lines?

    Folks,1995 Waveblaster 1---Is there a way to flush out water jacket on engine to test and clean out just the engine block? Is it safe to run water in/out the block without engine running to remove any build up? Is the CPC hose fitting for flushing ski a stock fitting? Cant find a mate for it locally. (its one of those self locking connectors) Thanks

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    No never ever do that. You can run it on the hose. Start the ski and then water, water off, ski off. It's pretty simple to run a ski on the hose and you get a good idea if everything is running okay and water is flowing out the back. May not run out the side jacket. Don't quote me on this, but I believe you can add a little dawn dish soap to clean things out or salt away has a hose adapter. Also you can you tube running a ski on the hose.

    Also the fitting makes life easier, but you can you use a screw on fitting, just make sure you fellow the right steps.

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    thanks---will stay with standard flush procedure, the coolant block jacket is self enclosed correct? doesnt water just circulate around engine block and out? thanks again!

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    Yes. Water circulates around the jacket but should never make it into the a tual cylinders. Pretty sure every yamaha adapter is the same. The store should have them.

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