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    I want to GO. Which prop will make it go?

    I'm into rebuilding/upgrading some carb stuff on my 2001 GP12r; and the next thing in my mind is an aftermarket prop.. I want to hit low 70mph range at about 7100~7400 RPM. What can I plan on getting for prop, ride plates (angles) and such to get me there or more? I've got interest in holeshot, but more interest in top-end. Being lake-driven, top end is more important to me than navigating unsettling waters, though I still love to safely jump boat wakes. I might take the Ski to Tampa once or twice. I'm thinking of getting the tried and testing Solas Concord 13/19, but a 13/20 or something else might work too; thus I trust and ask the experts here.

    Here is what I'm putting in this weekend:

    • Rebuilt fresh kits with all new replcaable parts
    • 110/125 jets
    • 95g spring
    • Chokes removed
    • Restrictor mod
    • Pre-mixing 40:1
    • PROK Flame arrestors
    • WPS adapter plates
    • Probably some modification to the intake hoses once I understand how rich/lean tuning is
    • Riva Intake Grate
    • Riva Pump Seal Kit

    So thats what I've got so far. If this plus a prop will get me to 70mph then I'll be stoked, otherwise I've no problem looking in to more stuff such as the following:
    • Upgraded head (150psi)
    • Reed stuffers
    • Free flow exhaust
    • Leo Holeshot
    • Jetworks

    Does everyting look good? I dont think I am - but if theres anything blaitantly obvious that I'm missing please let me know

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    I have a good Solas 13/19 if you need one. Ran it on my ski before I put the big bore in it and it work very well for my setup. Its got about 2 hours on it. I think you and I conversed on some of these parts once but I dont think I ever got back to you on it.

    Also got my 155 psi head modded by Riva available. Actually have 2 of these I am taking the one off my 1512 motor and putting on a 175psi head. This one was done by Lowell Horning I believe as the motor was built by WATERWOODY at WestCoast Porting

    Here was my setup

    1200 PV stock bore no porting
    1200 Grate
    155 PSI
    Stock Exhaust with D Plate
    Riva Stinger 2 (hated it)
    Pump Shoe Seal Kit
    85mm Nozzle
    VF2 Reeds
    Jims Plate
    R&D Cone

    It ran 72 on good water and weather

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    I was wondering when you'd finally get back to me LOL.. Sending you a pm now

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroClient View Post
    Does everyting look good? I dont think I am - but if theres anything blaitantly obvious that I'm missing please let me know
    I see nothing wrong. ..but I'm slow and know nothing about carbs.

    I would look for a used set of oem 1300 reeds (a little better than the 1200's and more durable)

    For prop you should try a stock 1300, 2005+ large-hub prop.
    -I know this makes NO SENSE cause the prop hub over-hangs the stator by 5mm all around but it's worth a try.

    I dont suggest this only because those props can be found for $0 but I have had good results with this combo with no cavitation issue.
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