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    Ignition Coil(s) 2006 GTX Limited

    Hi all.

    I have a 2006 GTX Limited and am going to replace the plugs. My local shop here told me that the coils are another source of problems and they seem to go bad more often than they should.

    Anyway.... even if I don't need any right now, I was thinking of buying a "KIT" of 3 ignition coils to keep handy so I can pop one in quickly if one goes bad on me.

    But I have seen them sold individually and as kits and am confused about exactly which part number I need fro my ski.

    I have seen part #420664020 and part #296000307 (New replacement number ?)shown as the part numbers.

    Can anyone confirm exactly what part number I need and the best source (cheapest) to buy a kit (3) of them?

    Thanks !

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    420664020 is what you need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viking24 View Post
    420664020 is what you need.
    Thanks ! I've seen some sold as a kit of 3 and single ones on ebay, but they are "After Market" and not OEM.

    I feel better buying OEM stuff, even though it's more expensive.

    EDIT: HOLY SMOKES $104 EACH ! GULP.......

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