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    Getting more mph out of a '94 gtx?

    Hey guys - I recently seized my '94 gtx. I've decided to have it rebuilt (not swap in a 720). Are there any changes I can make while I have it apart to make it perform better? I've already put a K&N intake on it and changed the rotary valve.

    Should I change the exhaust? I haven't really seen any available.

    What about changing the prop. I'm still running the stock 15/21 prop. Solas makes a 14/19 Super Camber prop. Would that be worth changing?

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    If i knew,...I wouldn't ask sea-one's Avatar
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    Dollar For Dollar,...........................Drop a 720cc in it really

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    720 with buckshot carbs ada head and factory pipe

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    honestly, your not going to get much out of that 657 unless you go to a bigger motor like the 720. adding go fast parts will only make you turn more wrenches than riding. trying to get more speed out of these machines is difficult unless you go to a 4 tec in the newer skis and at that rate your not getting much speed for the money. ex: it takes about 5-7 grand to get 8 mph more out of an RXP. Ive even shoe horned a 951 in a 96XP years ago and still that only produced another 7-10 mph and that ran around 5 grand. These are not like trucks where you can add a chip, exhaust and intake and get more out of it. Either trade up to a newer ski or just ride what you got.

    On another note. if you want a little more performance I would add a flame arrestor kit to the carbs, jetting kit and change the prop to something with a little more top end. other than that I would leave it.

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    I say go for it! I would clean up the case porting (intake tracts), do a mild port job on the cylinders, mill some off the head (NOT on a 657x) use a 717 style exhaust from manifold back, aftermarket f/a, have the flywheel lightened, nice intake grate, and Skat impeller. Should get you into the 47-48mph range with WAY better torque. Heck I just a built a 580 that's going into a GTS and I'm thinking upper 40's with it.....we'll see.

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    just find a 720, then if your still not happy you can mod that, its a better motor

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