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    2004 polaris virage tx shuts down suddenly and fires back up help

    my ski shuts down when riding after about an hour but fires right back up. after the initial hour it happens more frequently but not all the time and it always fires back up with no problem. thanks

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    Carburetor engine, correct?

    Try bypassing the LR-505 Start/Stop module. Details via my signature links or search for LR-505 in my K447 post titles on here.

    The engine kill signal is a Black/Yellow wire which when grounded tells the CDI module to stop ignition. Either the lanyard switch is going bad, the Black/Yellow wiring is damaged somewhere, or the Start/Stop module is confused and decides to shut the engine down.

    The lanyard kill switch is directly connected to Black/Yellow.

    The Start/Stop button goes through the LR module, which in turn decides whether to start or stop the engine.

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