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    Question 1998 Polaris SLTH twins...neither will start

    Hey guys i just recently picked up a couple of jet first.. i have always owned boats and decided instead of buying a skiboat ..and having to fight wife and kids on my bass boat having priority in the boathouse that i would find some skis... both are exactly the same ski and neither are getting fire... i have researched on your site and others.. but yall seem to be the uber gods of jet skis...
    What i have tested so far...
    have charged battery and found it to not hold the 10.6 Volts required to i hooked up my battery charger and tested..holds at 13.6 while spinning..
    still no fire

    problems that i have found

    Display gauge not working.. full of water.
    no spark...
    this problem is on both skis..
    they were both drained of fuel thank goodness.. i have already cleaned out fuel system but went to see if they would fire...

    Please help me.. kids are driving me crazy.

    what i need if possible is a way to bypass the Display as i have heard it could cause no start... Please remember i am a total NOOB to these... i have worked on boat motors and cars for years..just never a ski... IT HAS 8 Pin connector.
    next would be a way to test stator..i found kill switch test..
    where would you start? at the kill switch or at the MLD?
    anyone around the Carthage Texas area?

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    Hi bryan just wondering if you had checked the fuse in the electrical box. Also you should never hook a battery charger to these machines to crank them over, this can cause damage to the small sensitive electronics on these machines. I would take the battery out and charge it. Im not and expert on these machines but do know that the machines you have do have the old style ignition system in them. Did you check grounds and other wire connections for corrosion? Then I would ohm the stator to see if it is in spec. If not in spec you will need to replace it, most of these old style ignitions have been updated. Hope this is of some help.

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    with the consoles flooded..I'd go right into the electric box to see how bad it's looking in there ( hint...have the shiskey bottle at hand, you may need a stiff drink after you open it up)

    I suspect this ski spent some time upside down

    pics help lots.

    and buy the kids an have a couple of weeks minimum to get these going if there is no spark..learning curve and all....

    pull the plugs...any rust on em?

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    Ok, checked spark plugs and there is no rust, checked fuses and wiring... Found one ground off and one wire not in right place after fixing those it fired but after I closed the fuse box it would not fire again...Guess i can check every wire...
    Most importantly...
    Does anyone know if the screen in front can be bypassed or if it even matters on this model?
    thanks for the help.

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    Just unplug it. That is all that is required for the model MFD you have.

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    does there need to be a jumper?

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    ok so is it normal for everything to be covered in electrical grease. When I say everything I mean it is thick inside every wire contact...took it apart, took the computer out...on the back it had a small crack so I took the one out of the other and hooked it up.
    After I went through and checked all of the connections and fuses I was able to get fire a couple of times but then nothing again. Any ideas?
    will upload pict if that would help.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	307528 here are a couple of pics.
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