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    A bad ground on 2001 virage?? No spark

    Hey, I lost the spark on my 01 virage 700 tested the stator came back good, receiving 9v out of the brown wire from cdi to stator, ( does this indicate cdi is in working order? ) I ran a additional ground from the elec box to the negative battery terminal and bang she fires up?? Is it ok to leave the wire from box to battery if the ski won't spark without it? Iam desperate to take it out, the uk is having a heat wave and I rebuilt the engine and managed to only get 30 mins into running in then the spark disappeared, Any information on this would be most welcome thanks in advance guys

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    That sounds a bit weird- I am under the impression the entire elect box is grounded threw the stator black wire. Check for good ground at the coil bracket for CDI and stator- it's possible to have a bad connection in the 8 pin connecter to stator.

    If you need to run a separate ground wire- run it to the engine block-preferably where the big negative cable connects.If there is a bad connection on that large cable-clean it and recheck.

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    Thanks for the reply casey67 had a tinker earlier and found a black wire tucked under the cdi which was not connected to anything so grounded it out, cleaned the connections to the engine block and that seems to have done the trick she fires up without the additional cable I ran to the battery, new plugs and battery will be ordered next week just to be sure. I've owned the ski for 2 years now and managed to put a grand total of 5 hours on the clock then had to rebuild the top end, I've had so many problems with it it's put me off polaris for life, if it wasn't for the community on here it would of been sold as spares a long time ago so many thanks!! Fingers crossed I can get it out sharpish seen as the uk is having unbelievable weather at the min, hopefully I can post advice rather than problems now

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    Looks like I spoke too soon guys I have my new battery installed the ski fires up and ticks over for 5-10 seconds then shuts down, the mfd switches off, I press the reset button in the elec box and the mfd comes back on and the ski will start again but shuts down again shortly after, any ideas what's causing it to trip out?

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    Problem was the actual breaker was corroded inside, prob should of looked at that before posting, :/

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