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    GP1200R blown motor

    Hi, new to forum and also new to me a 2001 Yamaha GP1200R. Don't know much about these things, am very mechanically inclined tho.

    Looking over the machine it's in pretty good shape other than the hole on left side of the block. I could make some phone calls and find out what happened as I know the guy I got it from and he had it from new, I think.

    Called dealer, about $1000 for short block.

    Whats the skinny on these things? Is it worth fixing?

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    Hole in the block is almost a deal breaker as if the mating surfaces are cracked, it is scrap. To do it right, will need a set of cases, crank, top end renick with pistons/ hardware, carb rebuild( which probably caused the failure if maybe be lean condition or oil line failure) and whatever else it may need hull wise. A grand for a short block is probably SBT and can do a search on those.

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    May be better off parting it out and going with a different ski

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    Ok, so an update. I pulled motor, middle connecting rod at crank blew, took out cylinder and case, crank, etc. End of rod has some blue coloring. Top of piston does not indicate a lean condition. Visual of carb set up look good but, looks like someones been in there and updated fuel lines, clamps and such. Confirmed (from friend) that sand had gotten in one of the carbs and was fixed at dealer and worked well after repair.

    I am not interested in ski so, I called friend I got it from and he's interested in me fixing it for him. Soooo, Can anyone give me some tips on re-built motors out there, where to buy or stay away from? And any other things I should look out for?

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