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    2001 virage 1200 tx

    Does anyone have a service manual for a 2001 virage tx 1200. I had spark and now it seems like I dont. My PWC will turn over but it will not run. Help please

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    You can do a search on the web and you should be able to find one.

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    PM sent. Post your conditions with your ski on this thread.

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    I just fixed a 1200 and the research i found here really helped. Mine had a lr 505 module out if it. Was pretty easy to diag. If this is your problem all you have to do is hold the bildge switch while cranking And observe the plugs to see if you have spark. From what i have gathered on this site this is a common problem with the polaris pwc. Not sure if this is any help but hope it leads you in the right direction. One other thing to check is the battery it needs to hold at lease 10.6 volts well cranking if it does not the battery is no good. The polaris skis require a good battery to run the ignition and cranking at the same time.

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    Sorry to dig up an old post, but thanks KRR, you just solved my Spark Issue!

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