Ok so here's the background. The ski died on July 4th. Ordered an MPEM and luckily it came with a wiring harness. Turns out the ground wire broke off. I replaced the wiring harness with the new one and as I was running the new wire I had to remove the carb cover to get the wire situated correctly at the bottom. When I fired the ski up it ran fine. I took it out for about 45 minutes and at 3/4 throttle the engine RPMs would hit 6100. It usually runs around 6800. So I took it back in and put new plugs in it and it would get to 6200 RPMs and when the throttle is fully pressed in it is no different than 3/4 pushed in.

My question is, when I took that carb cover off could I have misaligned something? Or could this be the new MPEM that has a different setting than my old MPEM. Or could a bent prop have something to do with the rev limit issue? I'm losing about 10mph on my speedometer and something doesn't feel right.

Could someone please tell me what to look for?

also the water that comes out of the right side pisser in the back is extremely hot. I have cleared the line with compressed air. (This line leads to the right side top of the exhaust pipe).