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    Buying a 2013 Sea-Doo GTR 215 have Questions

    I stopped by dealer on my way home real quick asked what the price was he told me $10,979 plus $950 or so for new trailer. This will be my first ski but I have ridden some before was just wondering do dealers really haggle over price or adding some accessories or do you just pay what the ask? Thanks a lot for any info you can give me and anything to do or look out for.

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    Some do, some don't....There is a $750 rebate/discount on the GTI's right now but that doesn't count on the GTR...

    Some dealers ask MSRP and then haggle, others just discount the boat right off the bat and stick with that price....

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    Make sure you ask for the out the door price.
    I've heard of people paying 2k+ after they add all there fees and such into the base price.

    Gtr is a bad ASS ski.
    Very quick n reliable

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    For a reference I paid right around $12,200 for the gtr,trailer,and two sea doo life jackets. That was all said and done out the door.

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    I believe mine was 10,999 Canadian plus Frt, Pdi, Tax, Trailer last year

    That's a pretty decent price you were quoted. There is probably a little room to barter there, but not much.

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    One other thing to add... If you're into modifying your toys, don't buy the GTR. Get the RXT 260. It's a better hull and there is a lot more support in the aftermarket for those ski's. If I had my time back, I would have bought the RXT.

    If you just want something relatively cheap and quick to get you out on the water, the GTR is a great buy.

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    Yeah I first looked at a GTI 155 but the GTR 215 is only $900 more. Haven't really ridden in a few years but don't want to regret not having enough power but at the same time kinda worried about reliability and more maintenance. Ski will be used on a private sand pit lake. Not looking to really modify just having issues with spending 12k on a ski!

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    You'll love the GTR...without a doubt.

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