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    '96 Tigershark Montego cuts off after 25 minutes of running great! Help!

    My ski runs great for about 20-25 minutes and then cuts off as if lanyard switch was pulled. It will turn over afterwards, fire but not run. After letting it sit for 5 minutes it will start and run for a couple minutes before stalling once again. Seems like it could be heat related but the 96 does not have a thermostat or heat sensor to my knowledge. Does anyone know what I should look to replace first? I have heard coil, switch, CDI but would like to know in what order to try these with current tendencies. This model has 3 different coils.Thanks.

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    Sounds like a temp issue. I'm not %100 sure on your exact ski, but it may have a temp sensor on the top of the head or by the exhaust. It sounds like something is getting too hot. Check that the water inlet for exhaust is not clogged with anything. I would double check for a temp sensor somewhere.

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    I agree your engine is seizing due to overheating, likely there's a restriction somewhere in the cooling system. The engine relies on water flow generated by your ski's jet pump, there is no water pump per say. It could be some weeds or like which is restricting the follow. There is an inlet hose located near the bottom of the rear cylinder, if you have compressed air remove the hose a blow it out. Remove the hose at the thermostat hosing and blow it out. You might have to remove the thermostat and back flush the cylinder block make sure to use a piece of garden on the rear inlet so the flush water goes overboard. Unfortunately there's no fix for this problem except to clear the obstruction. Ed

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