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Thread: Case sealant

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    Case sealant

    What sealant should I use on the case halves? I have used the Anaerobic-Based sealant before but I see after splitting my 4tec project it looks to be a black colored silicone.

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    Three Bond 1211. The world's best case sealing compound.

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    5910 is what BRP has used since the DI 2 strokes...I wouldn't use anything else.....It is a little pricey but you get a lot of it......It will last you forever but you need to store it away from heat if possible, it comes in a caulk gun tube.

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    I use Threebond 1211 can't beat it and I just throw it in my box.

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    Loctite 598 is also a more affordable alternative that I have had good results with.

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