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    2000 SLH Starting Issues

    Hello all. This is my first post as I'm sure you can tell. I'm sorry to say that I don't own a PWC but I've been trying to get a 2000 Polaris SLH running for a friend of mine and have run into a few issues. I've got plenty of mechanical experience but this is my first PWC, and honestly this one is beginning to get frustrating. So here goes...When I first tried to start it it would only click and maybe turn over once very slowly. This was with a brand new battery so I was thinking that there might be a bad or weak battery so I put it on the charger to see what happened and sure enough it showed the charge was low and after letting it trickle charge for about 5 hrs it showed full charge so I put it back on and it turned over about twice slowly before stopping. The positive battery cable was scorching hot after less than 3 seconds of turning the motor over so I started thinking maybe a loose or dirty connection somewhere. After checking all connections (except for the one on the starter because I couldn't get to it) I've come to the preliminary conclusion that I have a starter problem. I've tried 3 different batteries (2 of which I know are good for sure) and all 3 do the exact same thing, slowly turn the motor over a couple of times and then nothing but a click. I tested the voltage and while trying to crank the voltage on each battery would drop to somewhere between 7.8 and 9 volts. I'm thinking it's a bad starter but I cannot find anything that has any info on how to remove the starter. Does a bad starter sound right?

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    Welcome to the Hulk! A lot of times the starter will corrode and behave as you indicate. I have had one that acted the same, battery got really hot. All it needed was a new starter.

    Not that this is the only issue that may need addressed. Check here for lots of other info: Http://

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    Thanks for the response, and the info.

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    Give the starter a good whack. Seriously.

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