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Thread: Rxt-x vs rxp-x

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    Rxt-x vs rxp-x

    Ive been looking for a new ski for a little while now and I've narrowed it down to these two skis. Ive heard Great things about both but it is very hard to choose between them. It is just such a hard decision to make because they are both very expensive machines and i just want to purchase the right one.

    The reason i am unsure of which one to get is because i will be riding in lots of different conditions. I have a smaller 600 acre lake i will be riding on 60% of the time and if i was only to be riding on the lake i would get a rxp but i am also going to be taking it on the hudson river which has a lot rougher water and i will also be taking it in the ocean in places like the jersey shore and florida and . I basically was set on the rxt-x 260 but i keep thinking i should look into it more so i don't regret the decision of getting the rxt-x. I basically dont know if the rxt will perform as well as the rxp. Ive heard the rxp is more of a racer and rxt more of a cruiser. I bassicly want to have a good rough water machine and then be able to keep up with others handling on the lake.
    What do you guys think is the best decision for me? thanks for any help in advance.

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    I've had both and both are racing fast skis.
    Both handle chop very well.
    Just the px carves corners better.
    The tx is a rocket ship and is great for a passenger to ride.
    If your going to mod the ski then the tx hull gets better results in top speed.
    Both yank you from 0-top speed lightening fast.

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    You really can't go wrong.

    T-X like said above if your going to mod the hell out of it you can get more top speed for your money out of the S3 hull. Better PWC for a passenger.

    P-X turns like no other ski on the market. The T3 hull is amazing in turns. You can take tight turns at speeds you'd never feel comfortable doing on most PWC's. Hull is also great in the chop. It's a very fun ski to ride and handles very different then any other ski on the market.

    Pretty simple if your not riding two up very often go with the P-X. If your going to have passengers a lot the T-X will suit you better in the long run. Another thing to maybe consider is P-X chances are will hold its a value better then the T-X. P-X's in my neck of the woods are pretty rare.

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    What everyone else said. I have both and really enjoy both.
    The px just carves like no other, it can throw off an inexperienced rider easily. I haven't even cranked the sponsons to race, but I can imagine it would be real twitchy.
    If you plan to mod crazily the S3 is a faster hull, though my px runs 73 with just vtech tune and 4" air.

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