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Thread: Leaking issues?

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    Leaking issues?

    Alright guys heres the deal. I replaced my bellow and carbon ring just recently along with some other stuff (wear ring and impeller) Had her out for a day or two on a trip without issues. come 4 weeks later i have my 06 seadoo speedster 215 in the water for a little bit longer (parked her and let her sit for a couple of hours) and came back to the bilge running and the ass end filled with water (mid way up the super charger)

    After veryifying that no water got into the intake and motor i drained her as much as i could and pushed her back into the water... could not for the life of me find a leak. I went through and tightened every single hose clamp on the exhaust as well as the water cooling for the IC and exhaust. And she still leaks. Its very intermittent, sometimes she will take on water when wide open doing 55, sometimes not, someitmes sitting there, sometimes not... its driving me crazy!

    Any suggestions on where to look for leaks?

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    were it me with this issue, I'd add water to the engine compartment, and find it's drip point. If necessary, I'd run it with the flush kit in place to mirror running conditions. Good luck with it, steve

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