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    SLT 750 No Spark

    I am new here so I hope I am doing this right. I was given 2 '95 SLT 750's and neither one has spark. I ordered a used CDI to see if that was the problem but still no spark. My ohm readings are:

    Red/Purple to Yellow=.7
    White/Yellow to Black=219
    Blue/Red to Red/White=89.4
    Red/White to Green/Red=498

    The person I got the CDI from said it came off of a running SL 750. Am I overlooking something or is there other tests I need to perform? I trimmed my plug wires and screwed the boots back on. I'm at a loss and need some help.

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    Is the lanyard in? Try eliminating the kill switch by removing the black/y from the circuit board. What are your coil readings? Make sure the plug wires and fully seated into the coils. Check all of your grounds.

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    make sure the battery is providing at least 10.5 v while cranking, any lower and the cdi will not fire. DO NOT use battery chargers, boosters and the like while testing. Nothing good comes of it. A Polaris needs a good strong battery to operate.

    and welcome to the hulk.

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