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    pump wedge install

    i recently picked up a new pump wedge from a buddy of mine for the great price of free...

    i think i got all the info i need to install on my 06 gtx.. BUT i have a question.. i understand NOT to put on the silicone on the pump but am i still using loctite on all the bolts?

    blue on the pump bolts and red on the steering cable?

    also should i be replacing the grease in the cone while im at it?? i know some guys opt to put in oil rather then grease.. whats the majority of everyone putting?

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    blue on all bolts and torque to spec.

    may want to replace the pump seal: Made a huge difference on mine.

    replace the pump bearing grease/oil (depending on hours may not be necessary)

    Should take you 30 minutes start to finish. Good luck and let me know how you like the wedge.

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    Personally, I wouldn't waste your time with a wedge...I don't like them...Just my opinion....

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