I supposed that all of you are enjoying their skis. I am a newbie and just bought a 1993 SL 650 in its original state (no modification has been done to it as far as I can see, not even recommended modifications from services bulletins). I bought it from a marine engine specialist that had it maintained over the years. I have It started on the trailer for a test (with a water hose connected to it) and it ran on idle smoothly for 1 min or so then I hit the stop button. I got it on the lake, it started but I could not have it on idle for more than 30 sec. The engine died if I did not give it a bit of trottle. I was able to restart it and ran it for an hour or so at different speeds. Every thing seems OK, then I tried to have it idling and again it ran for 30 sec or so and died. Any idea on what is going on?