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    2001 Polaris Genesis FICHT cant put back LR stop module right, black/green wire???

    hey guys still trying to get this thing running perfect.

    I by-passed the lr stop module when i was testing things and then put it back. well when i was putting it back i was match everything up untill i got to the black/green wire.
    i dont remember it there before but i put it where i thought it would go but its not working. can only turn off with lanyard. so maybe if anyone has pictures of the correct placement or explain then that would be awesome

    thank you!

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    Recheck the colors on that wire. Black/Green is not ringing a bell for me

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    let me post a pic but i swear its black with a green stripe

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    now my starter solenoid is clicking and my mfd wont come on after it clicks like that

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