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    Hole in my Hull!?!? How to fix

    Alright guys, this is on my 06 Seadoo Sportster 215 seadoo boat... posting here as the jet tunnel n pump are all the same on our skis for the most part.

    Anyways, took her out for a couple day trip to don pedro reservoir in central California. I have just recently replaced the impeller, bellow, carbon seal, hat on the drive line.

    Put her in the water, messed around for a couple of hours, beached the boat, came back a couple hours later to her sitting quite low in the water and the bilge going.... i go wtf, pull her ass end up on the shore and let the bilge pull everything out and proceed to tighten every hose clamp on the exhaust and various water cooling lines that lead to the outside. And she still leaked and took on water.

    At this point i said fuck it and pulled it out of the water and chilled on friends boats the rest of the trip.

    Fast forward to today and i finally got around to messing with the boat. I plugged everything up and filled the ass end of the hull with water and instantly it started dripping water out of the jet pump tunnel... i go ok cool probably a shit bellow/carbon seal... look under neat and its a god damn hole in my hull..... as pictured

    SO how would you guys go about repairing this hole... its just below the driveshaft, doesnt seem to leak a whole lot but its enough to where i cant leave the boat in the water for any length of time. Click image for larger version. 

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    Fiberglass over the hole. I'd make the hole a little bigger first.

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    Sand it down.
    Fiber glass it.
    No 1 will ever know.
    If you can also add some from the inside.

    Rip on..

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    Clean the hole out and fill full of gel coat resin ....

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